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Roundy Woodblock - Prickly Pear

Aah, the Prickly Pear, what a crazy wild beast of a plant it is!

From garden pots to deserts, Prickly Pears are found all over the world and offer an amazing array of shapes & colours, sizes & heights... such raw & unpredictable green beauty... (The beast part comes into play if you have ever tried to pull their fine prickles out of your body.)

The new Lost & Found Roundy is a combination of hand drawn & printed illustrations combined with beautiful fabrics, mixed media & resin. Mix it in with your fave  artworks to create an amazing display or perfect hung separately.

Sized @29x3.5cm & suitable for indoor use only. Created with UV & HAL stabilised resin for efficient long term ageing & yellowing protection. Do not immerse in water and dust & buff with a slightly damp cloth.